iTunes Mp3 Tag Editor - Auto Fix ID3 Tags for iTunes Music

    There is nothing worse than browsing through your music library and being unable to find any information about the tracks. Some don’t have an album cover, or even a correct title. Normally music should have complete ID3 tags, such as the artist, album, genre and more. But before anonymous music drives you mad, test Leawo Tunes Cleaner.

    Leawo Tunes Cleaner is a best itunes cleanup tool. It can edit Mp3 tags incredibly well. It automatically recognises all ID3 information about the songs and finds the matching album cover and lyrics at the same time. In addition, you can personalise your songs with the editing function. You can’t wait to try the program? Download it now and follow the detailed instructions.


How To Use This iTunes Mp3 Tag Editor

1. Import your music library
As soon as you open the smart program, it will scan your iTunes library and import the music to Tidy iTunes. The next time you open the program, it repeats the scanning process if you have bought new music on iTunes.

Local music first has to be dragged into the Tidy Music tab. Or click ‘open file’ to see all songs.

2. Automatically identify ID3 tags
Did you notice the ‘scan’ button in the header? Click this button and the program will recognise identify unidentified music. The process also discovers duplicate songs. If you select only one song, you can see the ID3 information by clicking the ‘Identify’ button on the bottom right.

After all information has been found, select a song and click to transfer all information to the songs.

3. Edit ID3 tags as you like
The section above describes how you can automatically retrieve information from the internet. If you would like to add a couple of words for better organisation, don’t panic. You can do this. Click the ‘edit’ button and write everything you want, such as the artist, genre and much more. You can also change the album cover.

After all these steps you will have an organised music library. In addition, you can play the music with a double click.