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Main Bar
Main Bar is a toolbar which is shown in the top side of MP3TagEditor main window. It provides activation of the general and most used functionalities of MP3TagEditor.

The following buttons are available in Main Bar:
Folder Tree - Show/hide Folder Tree.
Open File - Show on the screen standard "Open File" dialog with opportunity to add necessary MP3 file(s) into File List.
Refresh - Reread the contents of the selected folder with MP3 files.
FreeDB - Get album information (track titles, artist name, album title and album year) from FreeDB Server (Internet connection is required).
ID3 -> Filename - Advanced file renaming using filename format.
Filename -> ID3 - Retrieve ID3 tag info from filename.
Create Playlist - Playlist creation using playlist format.
Set Numbering - Set numbering like (1, 2, 3, ...) for selected files.
File Information... - Open standard dialog with info on ID3 tag info with the possibility to view/change it.
Play File - Play the file with an external audio player.
Play Folder - Play the folder with MP3 files in an external audio player.
Check All - Check all files in File List.
Uncheck All - Uncheck all files in File List.
Help - Show MP3TagEditor Help.
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