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Tab "File List"
File List is a table of the structurized information about MP3 files.

It consists of the following columns, showing the following information on MP3 files in File List.
Column Description
Filename Filename, created on the base of the title of the file.
File Size The size of the MP3 file (in MBytes)
Created The date of creation of MP3 file.
Changed The date of changing of the MP3 file.
Play Time Duration of the file.
Bitrate Bitrate, at which the MP3 file was encoded.
Channels Channels mode used on the MP3 file creation.
Title The title of the file.
# (Number) The number of the file in File List.
Artist The name of the artist of the song.
Album The name of the album which the file is included in.
Year The year of issue of the file.
Comments Comments to the file.
Genre The genre of the music.
Composer The name of the file composer.
URL A Web-site on the Internet relating to the file.
Publisher The publisher of the music.
Copyright The name of a person or a firm owning the copyright.
Encoded by The name of a person or a firm encoded the file.
Original Artist The name of the original artist.
Lyrics The words of the file.
Picture The picture related to the file.

File List Features
Using File List you can perform the following operations on the items:

  • See files information using various sorting orders. For this operation just click on the column header. More...
  • See current status of each file in the list.
  • Edit titles of the songs (file). For this operation just double-click on the file title cell.
  • Show or hide specific columns. More...
  • Resize any column of the list. More...
  • Auto load/save File List settings (visibility and width of each column).
  • Fast access to actions on the items in the list. For this just right mouse click in the list and use the opened pop-up menu.

File List Pop-up Menu
This menu can be accessed in File List with right mouse click on File List item (file or audio file). This menu consists of the following menu items:

File Info...
hot key:
View/change audio file ID3v1 and ID3v2 information.
Select All
hot key:
Select all files in File List.
Invert All
hot key:
Invert selection of files in File List.
Unselect All
hot key:
Unselect all files in File List.
Remove Files from File List
hot key:
Remove selected audio files from File List.
Set Numbering
hot key:
Set numbering (1, 2, 3, ...) for selected audio files.
Remove Numbering
hot key:
Remove numbering of selected audio files.
Fill Empty v1 Fields (v2 -> v1)
hot key:
Fill empty ID3v1 fields using info from ID3v2 (v2 -> v1)
Fill Empty v2 Fields (v1 -> v2)
hot key:
Fill empty ID3v2 fields using info from ID3v1 (v1 -> v2)
Filename -> ID3 Tag
hot key:
Retrieve ID3 Tag information from the filename.
hot key:
Play selected files with default audio player (for example, Winamp or Windows Media Player).
Edit Filename
hot key:
Manual filename editing.
Advanced Renaming...
hot key:
Advanced renaming of the selected audio file.

 Hint: All these commands can be also accessed from the Main Menu.

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