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Renaming Files
1. Add audio files for renaming into File List
Use Folder Tree - choose a folder and click it.

 Hint:  If the files are not shown in File List, press the button "Refresh" in Main Bar.

2. Mark needful files
Use buttons "Select All" and "Unselect All" in Main Bar.

 Hint:  Press and hold Shift key to select several files one after another. Press and hold Ctrl key and left-mouse click to select files separately.

3. Rename filenames
For advanced renaming a filename exploit Main Menu: ID3 Tags > Advanced Renaming...
Choose the needful track filename format using the combo-box. If you haven't found the mask you like you can create it yourself, press to open Mask Editor.

Mask Editor
Using "Mask Editor" you can create or customize masks according which tracks filenames are created.

Customize Filename Mask
1. Open "Mask Editor"
Click button to open "Mask Editor".

2. Customize a mask
Choose a mask to customize in Masks List (). It is shown in Mask edit-box (). Use mask buttons () or punctuation marks to create a suitable mask.
2. Create a mask
Click '<<< New Mask >>>' in the Masks List (). Use mask buttons () or punctuation marks to create a suitable mask.

Mask Buttons:

Button Description
<number> Include numbering like 1, 2, 3, ..., 10 into MP3 filename.
<artist> Include artist name into MP3 filename.
<album> Include album title into MP3 filename.
<title> Include track title into MP3 filename.
<year> Include year of issue into MP3 filename.
<genre> Include genre into the MP3 filename.

 Hint: You can use the information from the Publisher, URL Fields in the Track Filename - just type '<publisher>', <url>' in the Mask edit-box ().

Artist = "Linkin Park"
Album = "Hybrid Theory"
Year = "2001"
Track name 1 = "Papercut"
Track name 2 = "One step closer"
Track name 3 = "With you"
Format: "<number>.<title>"
Track 1: "01.Papercut.mp3"
Track 2: "02.One step closer.mp3"
Track 3: "03.With you.mp3"
Format: "<artist> - <number> - <title>"
Track 1: "Linkin Park - 01 - Papercut.mp3"
Track 2: "Linkin Park - 02 - One step closer.mp3"
Track 3: "Linkin Park - 03 - With you.mp3"
Format: "<artist>, <number> - <title> (<year>)"
Track 1: "Linkin Park, 01 - Papercut (2001).mp3"
Track 2: "Linkin Park, 02 - One step closer (2001).mp3"
Track 3: "Linkin Park, 03 - With you (2001).mp3"

Control Buttons

Add Mask Create a new mask.
Clone Mask Duplicate the mask selected in the Masks List.
Delete Mask Delete the mask selected in the Masks List.
Move Up Move up the mask selected in the Masks List.
Move Down Move down the mask selected in the Masks List.
Save Save the mask:
  • Save - save the changed mask
  • Save as New Mask - save the changed mask as a new one.

3. Define the symbols to replace
On the 'Symbol Replacement' tab () define the symbols prohibited to use in a filename with your own (optional).

4. Save the mask
Press Save button to save the changed mask.

 Hint: You can manually edit the name of a single file, just double click it.

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