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Main Info
Thank you very much for your interest in purchasing MP3TagEditor, your support helps us to continue enhancing our program, and provide you with even more neat software features in the future.

Trial versions of MP3TagEditor have limitations: a nag-screen and a 10-day trial period after which MP3TagEditor stops working. If you decide to buy MP3TagEditor you have to register and pay the registration fee. Once registered you have:

The purchase and registration are handled by RegNow. They provide you with fast and secure way to buy our products. There are many payment options, including Credit Card, Wire Transfer, Check, and Cash.

For online registration go to
(MP3TagEditor Main Menu: Help > Registration... > Register Online) and follow the instructions.

After you have registered the license code and name are send to you via e-mail. You should paste them into the corresponding fields on MP3TagEditor nag-screen window and press "OK" button. Enjoy using MP3TagEditor!

If you have got any problems with registration please use MP3Developments.com Contact Form: www.mp3developments.com/contact.php.

Registration FAQs
1. I have lost the license name and/or code.
2. I have downloaded a new version of MP3TagEditor, installed it, pasted registration info into the corresponding fields, but MP3TagEditor isn't unlocked. What should I do?
Use MP3Developments.com Contact Form (www.mp3developments.com/contact.php) to send an email message with details of your registration:

  • Your first and last name
  • Your E-mail address
  • The approximate date of registration
You will get your license code and/or name via email as soon as we have checked your registration info.

3. I have registered MP3TagEditor, got the license name and code, pasted them into the fields, but I can't unlock the program.
First check if you have pasted the license name and code into the corresponding fields.
Then check if you have pasted the license name and code into the fields without spaces before and after the info.
If it doesn't help use MP3Developments.com Contact Form (www.mp3developments.com/contact.php) and write your license name and code.

4. I've got a @yahoo.com/@hotmail.com, etc. e-mail and I can't register MP3TagEditor at RegNow.
After you have registered at RegNow, use MP3Developments.com Contact Form (www.mp3developments.com/contact.php) to send your registration info:

  • Your first and last name
  • Your current E-mail address (e.g. johnsmith@yahoo.com)
  • The approximate date of registration
As soon as we get your registration info from RegNow we'll send it to you to your real (e.g. johnsmith@yahoo.com) e-mail.

Also you can find more info on our site http://www.mp3developments.com/registration.php.

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