Dapyx MP3 Explorer - Organize Your Music!

    Dapyx MP3 Explorer is a very powerful and yet easy-to-use MP3 database manager for storing and searching information on collections of MP3s.

    Among the many functions it has you will find standard ones like ID3 tag editing (both ID3v1 and ID3v2), file renaming according to the ID3 tag or a ID3 generator.

    Also featured are filters and a search function for locating the track you are looking for, a handy explorer style menu which contains all your MP3's arranged by artist, album, year or genre (among others), seamless integration with WinAmp or with your predefined player and even offers the possibility to use a star system to evaluate the quality of each track.

    Lists can be exported in a variety of formats (HTML, PDF, RTF, XML, TXT) from within a handy interface that offers you all you need to organize large MP3 collections.


If you are a music-fan, you, for sure, have downloaded a lot of MP3 music files through the Internet. But how one can know what song is on and who is singing? Dapyx team has been working hard to offer you Dapyx MP3 Explorer - one of the most easy-to-use and functional applications on the Internet! This program enables you to create and rename ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags of your MP3s. There are plenty of advantages of this program, among them are:

Dapyx MP3 Explorer Online Help

Tip: What is ID3 or an ID3 tag?

Because of the huge success of MP3s, it needed ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags are standard ways of embedding additional information directly in an MP3 file. The descriptive information is known as a ID3 "tag". Dapyx MP3 Explorer will read that information (if available) when it builds the database.

The ID3v1 tag
consists of Artist/Album/Title/Category & Track number only. In addition, the maximum length of any of the fields is 30 characters (the entire tag is only 128 bytes long). This makes the ID3v1 tag a bit of a pain to use, but it is very fast.

The ID3v2 tags
let you enter a lot more information, but only a few programs support them and it is also a little bit slower. Dapyx MP3 Explorer fully support the ID3V2 to read and write. Because ID3v2 can provide more information than ID3v1, Dapyx MP3 Explorer assumes that ID3v2 will provide better information than ID3v1 -- but there are a few cases where people (or auto-taggers) have entered more complete information into ID3v1 but kept an ID3v2 tag with limited information.

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